Call of the Deep

With illustrations by Yishan Li

I am yours, Ocean Blue
Born on your waves
Carried on your foam
I come from you!

Give me your ship-wrecks
Your gold, your jewels
Bring me your sailors
Fresh and new!

I am yours, Ocean Blue
Your treasures are mine
And mine are yours
I come from you!

A wicked princess strikes a terrible bargain with the sea and a beautiful mermaid falls in love with a human.

Two magical stories of the sea where sometimes it brings dreams and sometimes it brings nightmares.

The Drowned City of Ker-Is
Men vanish. The sea runs red with blood. And she waits in the darkness…

The Mermaid of Zennor
One look and they fell in love. But one secret could rip them apart …

Read the story of the mermaid whom Beverley claims is her ancestor!

These two haunting tales are brought to you from the ocean deep. We meet the good, the wicked, and the downright evil and through them we get a sense of the mesmerising power of the people who live in the sea. The origins of both stories come from traditional folklore but Beverley Naidoo has rewritten both of them, capturing their fairytale qualities but making them feel fresh and credible to contemporary readers.
Julia Eccleshare