For Festivals, Visits or Events, the quickest way to contact me is via Authors Aloud UK
Email here. Tel +44 (0)1727 893992.

Authors Aloud UK will provide support with the many aspects of setting up a visit.

For professional matters, contact my agent Jessica Hare’s office at The Agency. Email here.

If you would like to write to me, I shall be very happy to hear from you and do my best to reply. But please be patient. If I have my head down writing, there may be a little wait.

1. You can email me c/o Authors Aloud UK, with ‘For the attention of Beverley Naidoo’ in the subject box.

2. If you would like to write to me via ‘snail mail’ c/o
Penguin Random House Children’s Books
Publicity Department
80 Strand London


HarperCollins Children’s Books
195 Broadway
New York NY 10007-3132

PLEASE BE AWARE THIS REALLY IS ‘SNAIL’ MAIL AND THAT PUBLISHERS’ OFFICES ARE BUSY PLACES.  If you send mail to my publishers in New York, there’s also the Atlantic Ocean still to cross!

I am also on Twitter @Naidoo_JtoJ

DATA PROTECTION: Please note that my work is archived at Seven Stories: The National Centre for Children’s Books for future research. Letters about my books form part of my archive. Please let me know if you don’t wish your letters to be included.