Web of Lies

A stand-alone sequel to The Other Side of Truth

‘Say anything, boy, and you’re dead meat.’

Femi is in trouble. He’s got involved with a gang of older boys at school, and he’s having to tell so many lies to his family that he can hardly keep his head straight. His sister, Sade, knows that something is going on, but she doesn’t want to worry their father; not while he’s waiting to hear whether the family is going to be granted asylum in Britain. But when the violence spirals out of control, Femi has to start telling the truth, even though he may be putting his family in danger.

I’ve been wondering ever since I read ‘Web of Lies’ whether you’d be writing another in the series- I really, really hope you do… I even started inventing sequels to it in my head!
– Reader, Newtownabbey, N Ireland

…a timely story written by a born novelist.
– The Independent

Few writers offer such humane insights.
– Sunday Times

The tragedy of Damilola Taylor springs to mind… a compelling thriller.. all the more impressive for treating children seriously: as people who are faced with challenging moral decisions every day of their lives.
– Books for Keeps (5 star review)

…fiction which, while not always comfortable to read, compels her readers to consider the sources of their own fears and prejudices.
– Times Educational Supplement

Watching these children trying to stay good in a wicked world is nerve-wracking – yet at the same time, the book is funny and hugely touching.
– Ireland on Sunday

The New York Public Library Books for the Teen Age, USA 2007