Baba’s Gift

With Maya Naidoo
Illustrated by Karin Littlewood

Lindi and Themba got up with the sun. Gogo was taking them to the sea for a day.
“I have work to do,” said Baba, “but I have made a present for you.”
It was a little wooden boat.

Themba and Lindi love sailing their boat in the sea, and playing on the beach with new friends. But when Gogo, their granny, says it’s time to go, the little boat has disappeared! What will Baba, their dad, say if they go home without it?

Set in South Africa today, a gloriously illustrated story about losing and finding something precious.

Themba and Lindi live in South Africa, close to the Indian Ocean. This is where my dad grew up on a sugar cane farm. I made my first visit and chewed my first sugar cane there when I was seven. To me it was paradise. But, at that time, South Africa was also very scary because of apartheid. My father was banned from returning and our family wasn't allowed to live there. Baba's Gift is set in the 'new' South Africa.
– Maya

At its heart, our story is about family and friendship and the possibility of new beginnings. Maya and I are completely in love with Karin Littlewood's illustrations. She has brought our characters and their landscape alive - and the earth really is that rust red!
– Beverley

A gorgeously illustrated book filled with colour and vibrancy.
– Angels and Urchins

… a simple but emotional tale of warmth. You can feel the bright heat of the sun and the splash of cool water.
– Children’s Book Guide 2004

The language makes it perfect to be read aloud to very young children and a pleasure for those just learning to read.
– The Hindu, India