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Some highlights from 2009

This year I look forward to becoming a grandparent… and already I’m thinking of the little one’s library! There’s a great beginner pack for babes and toddlers on the Australian storyteller Mem Fox’s website Mem believes that by the age … Read more

Some highlights from 2008

  • I hope to spend most of my time writing this year (on a very special project) but will be taking time out to visit a number of schools, some here in the UK, some further away like the International School
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Some highlights from 2007

Burn My Heart, my novel about loyalty and betrayal, set in 1950s colonial Kenya, was handed in to Puffin in June last year – on time! My story begins just before the State of Emergency when 55,000 British soldiers were … Read more

Some highlights from 2006

I spent most of the first half of the year working on my new novel, set in 1950s Kenya (no title yet!) but I made time for a few events and celebrations including:

  • A few readings in India – Chennai,
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Some highlights from 2005

This year I return to novel writing but I shall make time for a few visits, including:

  • Kenya in March for the Caine Prize for African Writing workshop; Greensteds/Nakuru High School; International School of Kenya, Nairobi; return visits to library
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Some highlights from 2004

  • Author visit to Kenya – includes opening Mathare North Library with Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor, 21 Feb – 2 March
  • Baba’s Gift, written with daughter Maya, illustrated by Karin Littlewood. Published by Penguin on World Book Day, 4 March. Beverley
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Some highlights from 2003

  • International School of Brussels, 24 – 27 March
  • Cheltenham Festival with Liz Laird and Bernard Ashley, 5 April
  • The Other Side of Truth, (adapted by the author) The Afternoon Play Radio 4, 22 April
  • Receiving Doctor of the University from
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Some highlights from 2002

  • Visit to libraries and Youth Library Groups in Scotland, 23-25 January
  • Reading the World – with Jamila Gavin, Bath Literature Festival, Saturday 9 March (information from )
  • Teenagers and politics – small ‘p’, Federation of Children’s Book Groups Annual Conference,
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Some highlights from 2001

  • The Other Side of Truth awarded the Carnegie Medal for 2000. The award is made annually by The Library Association ( for ‘an outstanding book for children and young people’.

Lauren Child (left) won the 2000 Kate Greenaway Award for … Read more

Some highlights from 2000

  • Celebration of Collins Modern Classic edition of Journey to Jo’burg at the South African High Commission in London.

For twenty-seven years, from the time I arrived in England, I took part in anti-apartheid protests outside the South African Embassy. This

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