Beverley Naidoo

cover - Global Tales

Global Tales

Stories from Many Cultures

These sixteen tales by new and internationally-known writers reveal the rich linguistic and cultural diversity of writing in English today. The stories engage and challenge as well as offering a variety of forms, settings, contexts, characters, themes and language. A truly multicultural collection.



Focus on plot
An Astrologer's Day
The Pieces of Silver

Focus on character
Crime and Punishment
Warrior Woman & The Easter Hat

Focus on setting
Kill to Eat
What Do You Do in Winter?
The Steel Windpipe

Focus on content
The Gold Cadillac
Robert and the Dog
The Man

Focus on language
Why Apes Look Like People
Full Stop
The Escape

Focus on theme
Circus Cat Alley Cat
More than just the Disease

R K Narayan
Karl Sealy

R K Narayan
Nancy Chong

Oodgeroo Nunukul
Marion Strachan
Mikhail Bulgakov

Mildred D Taylor
Beverley Naidoo
Ken Saro-Wiwa
E B Dongala

Julius Lester
Alecia McKenzie
Millie Murray

Anita Desai
Bernard MacLaverty

I love this book of short stories, beautifully written, carefully selected, fruitfully placed alongside each other. The stories will open up aspects of the wider world to anyone who reads them...The editors have provided very valuable notes on the authors, and ways of working with the stories... A must for the school library, and every English department should have a set.

The School Librarian, UK

Used in the Oxford & Cambridge Examinations and Assessment Council International GCSE syllabus 1999 -